Now Online: Starcade, the Video-Game Gameshow

Let's lead off what will be an epic Sunday with a goldmine of retro-game nostalgia: Starcade. Not the commenter, the TV game show in the early-to-mid 1980s that ran in syndication, and featured contestants battling it out on Ladybug, Sinistar, Mr. Do, Defender, etc. Fifteen of the shows are available at the site, and it also features a rich "games of Starcade" to serve as a nice stroll down that memory lane.

And I'll throw it out here, too, does anyone remember "TV Powww!" (hope I got the right number of Ws). That was a mirror into just how hamfisted folks were to make a buck off the video game craze. Kids would call the studio on the phone, and then say "Pow! Pow!" whenever a spaceship floated across the crosshairs on the screen. If anyone's ever played that, let me know

Starcade! Complete Episodes []


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