Obviously, Yoda Is Not Fair

C'mon, Yoda in Soul Calibur IV? Not exactly fair. He's a Jedi Master and short. Really, really short. How can bigger characters compete? Says the game's director Katsutoshi Sasaki:

The influences that Yoda will have in terms of gameplay because of his height, [is that]some of the upper attacks won't hit him... However, we always try to make the gameplay fun, so we prepare positive demerits of choosing Yoda and also negative demerits on it. There's always some give and take... I don't know who will be best to use to defeat him, but what's more interesting is you can use Asteroth to make it like David and Goliath. That'd be fun.

Yeah, a hoot... Seeing how Goliath lost and all.
Yoda's Unfair Advantage [Multiplayer]


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