One Of These Banjo Threeie Plots Is Real

Credit to Rare for taking advantage of April Fool's Day to reveal the storyline behind the third proper console entry in the Banjo Kazooie series. What will the googly-eyed bear and bird be motivated by in "Threeie"? The answer lies within one of five potential plot lines. Candidates one and four scream bogus, but I might just be willing to end my Banjo strike if I can get my hand's on Grunty's T.I.T.

If I remember correctly, the literary masterpiece that was Banjo Tooie involved someone stealing some candy or jewels or shards of some cosmic thing that required our heroes to walk near some grass. It's been a while, though and my recollection of the complex narrative may be shoddy. Walk on for the list.

  • Banjo and Grunty team up against a new threat, falling in love in the process.
  • Kazooie is abducted by aliens and Banjo heads out to search the cosmos.
  • Banjo and Kazooie travel back through time in pursuit of the witch's giant T.I.T. (err... Time Interfering Truck!)
  • Banjo comes out of retirement to stop his home being redeveloped into tower blocks and malls.
  • War comes to Spiral Mountain, and Banjo becomes a reluctant leader.

Best guesses? Rare says it won't get around to revealing the genuine article for "ages" so there's no rush.

Disinformation Central '08 [Rare]


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