Orlando Bloom To Play The Prince Of Persia, Hearts To Throb

The Jerry Bruckheimer produced film adaptation of Prince of Persia finally has a leading man in Orlando Bloom, according to Hollywood.com. The 31 year old star of similar costume action pictures like The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Troy and Kingdom of Heaven should have no problem fitting into the billowing pantaloons of the Prince, nor should he have any difficulty melting the hearts of gamers with his smoldering good looks. It certainly has never been a problem for me, so he should do alright for himself.

Hollywood.com writes that Bloom was on the receiving end of some $US 40 million in the deal for the trilogy of movies, the first of which starts filming in July. The site also says that Bruckheimer, not Mike Newell, will be directing, but what difference would it really make? Horses will still explode.

Orlando Bloom to Be 'Prince' in Multimillion-Dollar Disney Deal [Hollywood]


    Well this is a royal tits up, why not use a really good, young, enthusiastic guy out of acting school who could actually play the part AND act? Because if they didnt put a big name in it noone would go to see the film and they'd lose money.

    Hey, I answered my own question. Score.

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