Owen's Xbox: We Have a Winner!

"Guess the Date Owen's Xbox Returns" is officially over. Corey Goupil correctly guessed April 7, winning a Rock Band hoodie and some other great schwag. But really, there's only one winner here: Me. I got my Xbox back yesterday, delivered to my office.

As you can see, I have properly memorialised Corey and the four others to pick April 7: (I'm guessing at correct names here, from their email addresses): Mitchell Tai, Joe VanHoudt, Fred Collin and Donald Walen. Their "autographs" now adorn my Xbox case. More than 160 of you entered, and that was just too many to write on my case, but I thank you all. Keep reading after the jump.

What I hope, is that when this thing dies (it will) and I send it back to Mesquite, some tech craps his jumper when he mindlessly swabs it with alcohol and smears Corey's name — complete with bogus 62/100 notation to make it look like a piece of rare memorabilia — then realises he's just created another PR disaster and commits seppuku. OK, joking about seppuku. But I'm not going to file any kind of info if I have to send this back, just return it, and see what happens. Maybe we can get Microsoft to fly the five to San Mateo to sign a new case.

Because I bet Microsoft has finally gotten the message about this and is tired of being taken publicly to the cleaners for Halo gear and backstage passes to wrestling events.

Oh, it's a factory refurb (no HDMI on it, drat) which is why it got back lightning fast. Hey, if anyone's ever had serial 900497680905 before, I have your 360. Seriously, tell me if that sounds familiar. This could be like the Where's George of gaming consoles.

Thanks to everyone who entered. I think the five on my box should be part of a fake development team. How about "Desert Bus 2K8"


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