Pachter: Microsoft Doesn't Need To Be First, Just Rich

We're perpetually interested in the three-way. Because the Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony multi-billion dollar pillow fight that is the console wars makes for interesting news and highly combustible fanboy fuel. But analyst Michael Pachter feels that Microsoft shouldn't pay so much attention.

"I personally think that, with a lot of respect for the Microsoft guys...I think they're foolish to even worry about who's first and who's second. I think that's just stupid.

Stupid?? But I only own a 360 and my street cred is fast-approaching the drain!

You can be second or third and still make a buttload of money...I don't ever hear Activision or Ubisoft saying that they just hate being second or third and that they envy EA so much that they can't stand it. They both make a lot of money, and are very happy to thrive.

With all the new revenue streams attached to console gaming, being number one is certainly less vital than it used to be. But how can any major, innovative console manufacturer not be looking at the 100 million+ precedent set by the PS2 and realising that no one but first place has a realistic chance of reaching such heights?

Pachter: MS Shouldn't Worry About Being #1 [Next Generation]


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