Pachter Predicts Wii Fit Win

Wedbush Morgan's gaming guru Michael Pachter sees big things for Nintendo's Wii Fit in North America, where the combination personal trainer and balance board are slated for a May 19th release. The analyst predicts the package could sell upwards of 4 million units if Nintendo does it up right.

"I really don't know what the spend will be, but it could be 10 - 12% of projected sales. If we assume a retail price of $US 100, that's $US 10 million in marketing for each 1 million units sold. If they go mainstream (have Oprah demo the device), I could see them selling 3 - 4 million, maybe more. That suggests the potential for $US 30 - 40 million in marketing.]

In fact, Pachter says that Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime himself indicated that they plan to back the title with the biggest marketing campaign in the company's history. If I were to speculate I'd probably aim for a more conservative number, but then again my financial analysis experience is limited to predicting whether or not a charge for pizza will clear before my paycheck, and even then I am usually wrong. I wonder if Pachter does requests?

Update: Pachter informed us that the New York Post writer never spoke to him and misquoted the article's original Game Daily source. Updated text accordingly.

Report: Nintendo Planning 'Biggest Ever' Marketing for Wii Fit Launch


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