Pachter: Wii Shortage? Blame The Lousy US Dollar

Wedbush Morgan analyst and Kotaku reader idol Michael Pachter went on record with the Dallas News with his theory on one reason it's still so damn hard to find a Wii. The United States dollar, he's paraphrased as saying, is so limp, that Nintendo is shipping excess consoles to Europe to meet demand there, squeezing out a bit of extra profit when all is said and done. It's not like Nintendo is completely abandoning American gamers—it sold 432,000 Wiis in February—it may just be allocating stock to its first class customer base.

Don't despair, though, if you're holding a copy of Brawl with nothing to play it on. Mr. Pachter thinks that with European demand leveling off, Nintendo may shift some of those Wiis Stateside. Stop burning your Euros in protest, please. It'll just breed contempt.

Wii shortage may finally be near an end [Dallas News - thanks, Brian!]


    What a load. Why does anyone listen to this guy?

    How about Nintendo met it's 2007 financial year forcast of shipped Wii's and is holding off on delivering stock until April where it can mount a sales assault against the GTAIV Juggernaut.

    Nintendo did it last year where shipments dried up in March only to resume in April after they met their targets.

    In a related note - I was in Dick Smith Powerhouse in Canberra City today and they had a sign up advertising pre-ordering the Wii for expected shipments in mid to late March - is Australia really sold out again? it's hard to tell because retailers always have display boxes up regardless of availability.

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