Pac-Man Invades NZ Lottery

paclotto.jpgAh Pac-Man, my yellow, two-dimensional playmate, is nothing sacred to you? Going by this NZ scratch-and-win lotto ticket, I'd say no.

The main prize is $NZ 50,000, though you can win smaller cash amounts by matching five Pac-Mans in a row (thanks Chalmo). Fruit lovers will be happy to know a cherry instantly gets you NZ $20, while a strawberry nets you $NZ 10.

So, where to next Pac-Man? Powerball? The horses? Keno? When will the madness end!

$3 Pac-Man [NZ Lotteries, thanks Rich]


    @Chalmo: That would be correct. As you can see, I'm not a big purchaser of scratch-and-win cards.

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