Paramount Planning Cloverfield Game?

It appears that Paramount has unofficially announced the official Cloverfield video game to the world. It all started when Paramount's lawyers asked the owner of for permission to take over the site for their upcoming game. And then...well...that's pretty much the whole story I guess.

The former owner of the domain was working on a Cloverfield fan game of his own and has now switched his HQ to He said that Paramount lawyers were "very courteous" and that he considers it a "huge honor" to have originally selected the domain name that Paramount acquired for their game. Also of note: it appears that no money exchanged hands.

To hear the tale we just told you from the source, hit that thing we like to call a "jump". And until Paramount makes the announcement public, consider the news unconfirmed.

GrayShot [Grayshot via VideoGamesBlogger]


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