Peach, Samus Return To Feast Upon The Living

Peach and Samus? Hot. But Peach and Samus...dead? Then reanimated, and driven by a hunger for the flesh of the living? Not ho-....ah, who am I kidding. Still hot. Maybe even hotter. Samus is obviously above, with Peach after the jump, because she may be NSFW. Things look awfully decomposed down there. Still not 100% sure.

4chan [via Go Nintendo]


    I've covered Necrophilia, you know. It's ZOMBIE RAPING TIME

    Really, WTF?
    hot? dudes, they are fucking zombies. The only Urge i get when i see them is to eliminate them.

    On other news: how the fuck did they bite Samus with her armor... it doesnt make sense and i dont wanna think of any. Samus is hot as it is, not being dead.

    I wont mind if she is dominated but some alien parasite and hungers for sex tough...

    ...but not dead, and not rotten.

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