"People Don't Want Philosophical Marcus Fenix"

Uncharted has been described as "the best game ever made about a dude in a T-shirt". That's a pretty fair description! Josh Scherr, lead cinematics animator for developer Naughty Dog, says the goal was to make Nathan Drake and regular dude, but one who was fully fleshed out and believable. Scherr says this about characterisation in video games, mentioning Epic's Gears of War:

Narrative-based videogames have a wish fulfillment aspect to them, and gamers expect their protagonist to match the setting and game play. People don't buy Gears of War so they can hear Marcus Fenix wax philosophical on the nature of the soul, crying softly every time he curb-stomps an enemy.

I sure as shit did! And boy, was I ever disappointed.
Naughty Dog One On One [Game|Life]


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