Phil Harrison Talks The Future of Atari

Yes, Phil Harrison really does work for Infogrames/Atari. Like really. Instead, Harrison says this about upcoming Atari title Alone in the Dark and what the future holds for the company:

I'm making is that I think the game is very relevant to the market, and I think will do very, very well. Can we afford as a company to chase that up, to USD 80 million, without downstream revenue? The answer is no.

So can we take that kind of production value and smash it into an online community and social experience? I hope so, but it won't be Alone in the Dark.

Sure sounds like something interesting is brewing at Infogrames/Atari. Honestly, we keep waiting for Harrison to say "Laugh out loud, suckers!" about this whole working at Atari-dealio. But he hasn't.
What's next? [Games Industry][Pic]


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