Pick The Best Gaming Egg on Earth

Voting time! Man, there were a fuckton of great eggs. So many that we don't have the usually lucky seven finalists. We've got 25. All the entries seem self explanatory, so what we've done is create a gallery. Click through to see all the finalists. Here's where it gets different: To vote, write "I vote for this" under the egg picture you like. That's the only thing you should write if you want your vote to count. Do not, we repeat, do not vote in the regular comments section — they won't count! And remember, vote for only one egg. That's right, ONLY ONE EGG. Voting for two or more means Ban Hammer fun. For us, not you.

To recap: Click through the gallery below. If you find an egg you like, vote for it by writing only "I vote for this" below that egg's pic. Voting raps up in exactly 24 hours.

Editor's note: You can view the gallery and vote here.


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