PlayStation 3 Mod Is A Well-Executed, Horrible, Horrible Idea

Who wants more storage? Everybody, that's who. What's the best way to get it? Just swap out the hard drive because Sony lets you Mod your PS3! One tweaker built this external enclosure for an additional 500GB of storage. While we admire the execution complete with shiny, matching plastic and the official PlayStation font, it sorta looks like the PS3 got jealous and swallowed a Wii. And a side of fries. And maybe one of those pies. Damn that gluttonous PS3 is making us hungry.

UPDATE: The creator wrote us about the project. We pasted his note after the jump:

Make your PS3 even Bigger [Geek Pulp]Thanks Jason!


I'm the guy that did that PS3 hard disk thing and seen as how I can't get the comments to work, I thought I'd tell you.

Firstly, thanks for putting it up there, I had no idea it would be up on websites that people actually look at :)

Secondly, I'd like to justify why I made it.
As I'm sure you know 3.5" hard disks are a lot cheaper than 2.5" hard disks, in fact the 500GB one in there only cost me £60; External hard disks don't allow you to save demos/games/updates etc. and I needed something to do for my school technology project.

Also, it isn't really a mod as the unit is a standalone thing that just sits on top. I have pics of it by itself if you want to see. Also, while it does stick out a little, you've got to agree that I got the style right.

I know this probably isn't that big a deal to you, but people seem to have misunderstood my baby and it's a little frustrating hearing people say that there was no point and that it was just a big chunk of fail or whatever the quote was.


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