PlayStation Games To Be Ported To The PC?

Maybe. Maybe. Speaking with German site derStandard, Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has hinted that in order to take some money from the Chinese market, Sony may look at...unique ways of releasing GT:

Es ist sehr sehr unwahrscheinlich, dass GT auf einer anderen Konsole herauskommt. Aber vielleicht kommt es auf den PC. Vor allem am chinesischen Markt könnten wir so die Verbreitung fördern. [It's very, very unlikely that GT will be appearing on another console. But maybe it'll be released on PC. Particularly for the Chinese market.]

PC, huh? Good for them. Maybe on PC the online would actually work!
"Schadensmodell von Gran Turismo soll unvergleichbar sein" [derStandard]


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