Portal's GlaDOS As Bondage Slave

Is there more to the design of Portal's end-game boss GlaDOS than previously thought? Game-ism weighs in with its own spoiler-filled theory on why the loopy and sentient computer puts protagonist Chell through such an intense series of tasks in order to ultimately reach her; that is, to kill her, freeing her from her literal and figurative bondage as Aperture Science's maniacal mainframe. It's a fascinating hypothesis that's worth a look, if not only for the sadomasochistic fan-art that accompanies it.

Given Valve's propensity for abstracting the typical storytelling structure out of the game experience, it wouldn't surprise us one bit if GlaDOS were conditioning Chell as a sort of suicide machine. Thoughts?

Still Alive? She's Free. [Game-Ism]


    That’s a strong theory like any other.

    After seeing this comparison, I too believed that GlaDOS’ challenges though out the game, were simply to provoke the character to the point of wanting to destroy GlaDOS, and put GlaDOS out of her suffering. A theory also linked to this said, Chell was a recurring clone made by GlaDOS, each time trying to get Chell to kill put her out of her misery. I strongly believe this for the, what I like to call ‘scary rooms’, of writing on the wall and pictures on the wall. My belief is that those writings and marks left by others were Chell, not knowing she was ever a clone and tried to escape. What makes this story so special is the fact that this clone managed to kill GlaDOS and escape.
    That’s my theory and now I see GlaDOS in a new and a disturbing light, because the model of GlaDOS does look like a helpless poor person hung upside down from the ceiling in a stray jacket.
    Going to sleep tonight may be difficult.

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