Potato Chips Are Not Lunch, But A Snack

To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Movies

I could go for passing out on the sofa with a beer in my hand. Wife still in the hospital. Me still doing all the housework, taking care of kid, writing book chapters, rewriting book chapters and working on a couple magazine articles. Feeling the stress.

Been making the kid's lunch, which consists of PBJ sandwiches. He digs them, but his teacher asked me not to pack potato chips with them because that's a "snack" and not a "lunch." Hey teacher, potato chips are like their own food group in the States!

In the time my wife has been away, I've learned how to operate the washing machine, the microwave and made delicious boiled spinach with sesame. You could say, yes, I've grown as a person. Good for me.

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