Professor De Marco and the Mysterious Cell Phone Part 3: The Reveal

Yesterday the truth was finally revealed behind the mysterious cell phone received in the mail a few weeks back. I was still pretty unsure of exactly what was going to go down yesterday, so I sent a final text message through the phone asking what was going on.

A few minutes later I received a reply: "At 3:30 a black car will arrive to your house to pick you up. The mission should take no longer than three hours." Three hours, eh? What the hell, I went ahead and cleared my schedule for the afternoon and got ready to embark.

At 3:30 on the dot I went outside and lo and behold, there was a black car with a card with my name on it in the window. Not only was the car out there at the assigned time, but they had managed to get a parking spot right in front of my house. If you know anything about parking in San Francisco, you'll know that this is no mean feat, especially in the Mission. My driver was waiting by the car and told me he would be taking me to my destination as he opened the door for me to get in. I looked and made sure the door locks hadn't been sawed of and got in.

We drove all the way across town and eventually ended up at Fort Mason Centre out by the water. If you've ever seen the movie Copy Cat you'll have an idea of where this is. We drove over by the firehouse and the car stopped. The driver told me to go get the information case and return to the car. As I got out, I saw a large metal briefcase type deal sitting in the middle of the pavement. I got out and grabbed it and returned to the car. Inside was a postcard of Coit Tower and instructions to direct the driver to take me there.

Once we were on our way to Coit Tower, the driver received a phone call and then informed me that he had new orders and a new destination for us. What else could I do but say yes? Didn't seem like I had too much of a choice. So I sat and watched the city slide by the windows as we passed Pier 39 and wound our way through The Embarcadero. We finally arrived in a very warehouse-y area down by Third Street and Twentieth where the driver told me it was time to get out of the car. We had reached the final destination.

I took my case, got out of the are and was greeted by a fellow who welcomed me to the assignment and asked if i had any idea what this was all about. I admitted that I didn't but that I had some ideas. We walked into a nearby warehouse and started making our way up the service elevator and through the halls towards the final reveal.

We arrived in front of a door which was opened for me and I entered wondering what I would find. As some of you speculated in the comments of my previous articles, the whole thing turned out to be for... the new Bourne Conspiracy game. Three of the developers from High Moon Studios were there to discuss the project with me and show me a little bit of what it was all about. Unfortunately I can't say much about what I saw as the information is under embargo until the 28th. But I can tell you that I liked what I saw and that The Bourne Conspiracy isn't your run of the mill action game. I saw four different areas covering the various game mechanics including a driving level.

Once my talk with the guys form High Moon was finished, I was escorted back to the front of the place where my driver was waiting for me. I was giving a digital voice recorder that contained my entire interview with the developers (had I known I wouldn't have taken all those notes!) and the case was given back to me although it was slightly heavier than before.

As we drove away, I opened the case to find a ton of swag including a mini-backpack (you can never have too many bags) a flashlight, a 2gig USB drive hidden in a black rubber bracelet, a Sony MP3 player containing some of the music from the game, a game fact sheet/booklet and of course the case itself which looks like it would comfortably fit an Xbox 360. Also included was what I thought to be the most clever addition, a dossier on me that included my name, known associates and habits. It was odd some of the things they knew about me, but then again, on the internet your life is an open book. Attached to the dossier was four large black and whit photos, two of me coming out of my house to meet the car and another two of me picking up the case at Fort Mason Centre. It was really quite the clever and ingenious marketing ploy and I must admit that I, like many of you, was completely sucked in.

All in all it was not a terrible way to spend a Tuesday afternoon and I was told that even more would be revealed to me today at Sierra's Editor's Day here in SF. Again, everything I see will be embargoed until the 28th, but judging from the line-up, there will be plenty to talk about when that day finally rolls around.

I hope you've enjoyed unravelling this little mystery with along me. Agent De Marco over and out.


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