PS3 BBC iPlayer In The Works

The BBC recently launched their iPlayer television replay service for the Nintendo Wii, and that made PS3 owners a little miffed. Passing up the Xbox 360 with its lack of a web browser is one thing, but the PlayStation 3 is browser ready! Some went as far as to cobble together a solution on their own, a fact that impressed the hell out of BBC Head of Digital Media Technology, Future Media & Technology, Anthony Rose.

So, while I'm impressed that someone has done this, this doesn't mean that it's the best possible iPlayer proposition for that console. We're investigating the optimal video profile and browser proposition to enable us to officially make iPlayer available on PS3 in due course.

They don't want the iPlayer to run on the PS3 - they want it to run damn well. Patience, young BBC viewing PS3 owner!
BBC iPlayer On PlayStation 3? Not Yet [BBC Internet Blog via CVG]


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