PS3 Rumble Controllers Hit Next Week

The Official Playstation blog just announced that the the DUALSHOCK 3 rumble controllers have started shipping to stores and should be on sale by next week, a week earlier than the original street date.

The DS3 includes pressure sensors that rumble with each action and the SIXAXIS motion controls. The asking price if a whopping $US 55. The post included a "complete" list of titles that will support the DS3 at launch, a list that is much shorter than the one released at TGS, though that list included titles that still haven't hit stores and this one doesn't. All new releases that support rumble will now have a DS3 compatible icon on them, according to the blog. Playstation is also a page on the official Playstation website dedicated to games with force feedback support.

Hit the jump for the list of available games that support the new controller, titles with asterisks will require a patch to use rumble. For those title the patch will automagically download to your console when you start it up.

Feel the Shock Next Week!


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