PS Store Down All Day Tomorrow

Just a reminder, the Playstation Network Store will be down from 8 am to 9 pm US Pacific Time (11 am to midnight, US Eastern, and 9 am to 10 pm Crecente). This is for the widely anticipated update to the Playstation Store.

So all you unemployed gamers and kids playing hooky, don't start raining ZOMG WAT HAPPEND TO PSN messages on us. Besides, everyone should be doing their taxes.

How much worse can I fuck things up this weekend ...

As Playstation's ever-helpful Knowledge Centre dryly describes the power outrage:

During this time, the new PLAYSTATION®Store upgrade will be taking place. As a result access to the PLAYSTATION Network will be restricted, including:

* No access to the PLAYSTATION®Store

Oh. Is ... that all?
The New Playstation Store in Action [Kotaku AU]


    geez no need to swear . it's worse for us aussies cause we dont blooming no when it will be complete! >:(

    Tell me about it, I've searched every link for a completion time in Australia.. and cant find nudda!!

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