PSN Getting More Than Just A Facelift?

Giving the decidedly average PlayStation Store a new coat of paint may not be the only changes Sony make to their online services this year. Speaking with GameDaily, Sony's Scott Steinberg has said:

On the network side, we've stated that we're in a closed beta now for Home, we'll be rolling out functionality later this year, both for the Network and making Home public to others. So 2008 is going to be the year where both on the service side as well as on a Blu-Ray side, you're going to see everything that we've got.

Rolling out non-Home-related functionality sounds a lot more involved than just giving the PS Store a quick spit-n-polish. Please, let both your imagination and speculation run unchecked.
SCEA's Scott Steinberg on PS3 Momentum [GameDaily, via MCV]


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