US PSN Store Makeover Is Live, Broken

The 2.30 Update is live, and the PSN Store gets a shiny coat of new paint, and the Lair Add-on for standard non-motion controls. The interface is great — so intuitive and easy to use. Biggest gripe: none of the pictures seem to be loading. Well, at least for me. Anyone else?


    The images load for me, just rather slowly. I hope this is just day one teething troubles as its rather problematic given the snappiness of the interface.

    Too bad it doesn't cache the images for subsequent visits to speed this up.

    Same as Virduk. The images eventually appear but they take quite a while to do so.

    So the Lair patch is available here in Oz? I'm contemplating getting it but it would be based on that patch making it completely playable.

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