Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Bugs And All, Ships 2 Million

Bugs? Hah. Crippled online performance? Whatever. Paying full-price for an expansion pack? You don't give two hoots. Why? Because Ubisoft announced today that they've shipped 2 million copies of Rainbow Six Vegas 2, which when you consider the game's short gestation period and myriad of problems is good news for the company. Not good news for gamers, since it shows Ubisoft can release any old guff and get away with charging $US 60 for it, but hey, we're not talking about you. We're talking about Ubisoft.


    I thought at the very least the online would be just a little less laggy and juttery than the original. The fact it is so much worse is truly shocking.

    GRAW 2 was at least superior in all ways to GRAW, even if it was even a small difference. The fact R6V2 is a noticably worse is shameful.

    This combined with the Flags in Assassin's Creed is increasing my dislike for Ubisoft.

    I really feel alot of hatred towards ubisoft for doing this. It's not like I can return the game. and I promise you this. I'll pirate a copy of the next ubisoft game before officially buying it... You all should too. That was one of the best things groups had done for us... TRY BEFORE YOU BUY, If you like the title then buy it. I would've never bought this game the best part is online play and they ruined it. I'm so fuckin pissed off

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