Real Life World Of Warcraft Armour

Real Life World Of Warcraft Armour

The World Of Warcraft Europe website has recently posted an interview with a member of the German workshop group BattleHeat, who took it upon themselves to create a positively amazing set of tier 2 Paladin Judgment armour from the game. The group spent hundreds of hours getting everything just right, going as far as creating a special support structure under the shoulders to give them that trademark WoW hugeness. BattleHeat won’t be selling this armour anytime soon, but the interview does give handy tips for blacksmithing, so you should be able to make your own given the right materials and a good decade to hone your skills. Might want to get started on that.

Spotlight BattleHeat
[WoW Europe via Strategy Informer]


  • That’s pretty damn nice. He actually got it to kind of… shine.

    Might not be able to post this, but… It’s clearly not as leet, however, as my 100% cardboard Master Chief outfit from last year. > Images > Muck up day.

    Well, cardboard apart from the glue, paint, and staples. Oh and the velcro. But 100% handmade. 😀

    Also featuring my friends as Squall, Link, and a Jedi. Almost got one chick to go as Zelda, but she couldn’t find an appropriate dress.

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