Report: UPS Is Stealin' Ur GTA IV

As we're about to crest on the Grand Theft Auto IV hype wave, Ars Technica passes on a somewhat amusing, definitely puzzling anecdote, writing that UPS may be experiencing an upswing in employee theft, with GTA IV to blame. Hearsay? Oh, totally, but Ars passes on that "In one 24-hour period, three workers were fired, and more interviews were scheduled for today that would likely end in termination."

The story comes from someone who appears to work in human resources or security, claiming that tracking down the offending GTA IV package thief isn't hard. Want to learn how you're going to be snatched, sticky fingered UPS man? Ars has the details.

Grand Theft UPS: copies of GTA stolen en route to retailers [Ars Technica]


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