Revenge of Capcom Didn't Dev Street Fighter IV

Forget for a moment this is still "unconfirmed", but according to magazine EGM, Capcom's Street Fighter IV isn't being developed by Capcom — but outsourced to another Osaka developer. That's right, apparently DIMPS is working on the game. DIMPS was founded by former SNK devs and is best known for its excellent Rumble Fish fighters along with churning out run-of-the-mill Dragon Ball Z games. Another DIMPS fun fact: That FPS Gundam game they developed for the Xbox 360 wasn't really being developed by them, but apparently outsourced to a Korean dev who's did a shitty job on it. Anyway! Also, forget for a moment that Capcom USA has been saying that Street Fighter IV is being developed internally. One more thing, forget for a moment that we've been going on about DIMPS doing SFIV since, well, last year. Personally, I don't care if Capcom or DIMPS does the game — just don't make it sucky, m'kay?
Capcom Lied Again [NeoGAF]


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