RIP: Xbox Boys

Almost a year ago the Xbox Boys exploded onto the game music scene with a mix of game-inspired rock that seemed to ooze equal parts religion and Xbox fervor.

Shortly after they hit the scene, we tracked down the bands members to talk to them about their apparent connection to New Hope International Church, a Bellevue, Washington-based Christian church that hopes to "turn lost people into fully devoted Spirit-filled disciples of Jesus Christ in our city and all over the world."

The band's leader, Phil Fischer, denied the connection and said that the band was formed in hopes that Microsoft would eventually back them.

Today Fischer contacted Kotaku to let us know that Microsoft has officially nixed the idea, saying that they couldn't take the time to track how their logo and name was being used:

I wanted to write this letter to you and advise you that Microsoft officially told us that they would not endorse us, so the band is breaking up. For months I was angry at you for the story you wrote about us, but I got over it.

We decided to go into the studio last week and blow the last of my savings on a song about someone I have been in love with for years, Cortana. I put it up on our myspace page at

Anyway, I never got to know you that well, but I think your forum kicks arse and I wish you well.

For what it's worth the Cortana tune is pretty catchy, and while I'm not a lawyer, I'm pretty sure they don't need Microsoft's permission to continue with their music and sell it even.


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