Rock Band European Release Doesn't Include Australia

Hey, Australia. All that fuss over Rock Band that went down last night? You know, about the release, and then the price? Don't worry about it. None of it applies to you.While European and Australian release dates are normally in-step, for Rock Band they're not, with EA Australia only telling us "There is no announcement on Rock Band for Australia yet". Bummer. Now's as good a time as any to remind you that over Christmas I heard rumours from retailers that thanks to fears over its price the game may not be coming here at all, so between that and the inevitably astronomical price, I'd be getting intimate with the online importing scene if I were you. Just in case.


    Annnnnd publishers/developers wonder why they're losing money due to imports......Idiots.

    So.... Basically EA are assuring me, and every other Australian consumer that they are in fact a pack of arrogant arseholes, that although being arseholes, can't be bothered giving a shit about us.

    Harmonix, I'm sorry. I loved you. You gave me a lot of good times and fond memories, but your dad is a prick, and I can't spend any more time with you.

    *Watches the ship sail into the distance*

    That is the most pathetic thing i have ever read, i hate EA already, this just makes me wanna bomb their HQ, and ive been there, so i know where you live EA!!
    Scared of the price, yeah because our dollar doesnt buy like 95 american cents now or anything like that. Its still only worth 50, so we should get it at double the price ay.

    Fuckin idiots!

    Someone found out that Rock Band is on the system at Harvey Norman already. Touting the still tentative June 25 release date, the pricing there was as follows:

    $199 for the instrument pack

    $120 for the game itself


    $319 for everything.

    Don't quote me on any of that, just passing on what I've seen.

    If you go onto (the US site) it looks liek you can actually purchase the Bundled pack for around US$260. It looks like they should be able to ship it to Australia. Has anybody here purchased the PS3 Bundle on that site yet? If so, how is it all going?

    I paid 330 all up importing the PS3 version, and it is more awesome than anything else, just import it now, we are going to get gouged on price anyway, so might as well pay 10-50 bucks more, or maybe less if europe is to be followed and you get to be the envy of all your friends...

    I was working for JB Hi-Fi for quite some time (only left last week) a couple of months ago our EA rep told us that it was scheduled for Australia, with no definite time or price and that they already had kits they were using in the office.

    I personally just imported the game for PS3. Ended up just getting it on Ebay. Total cost was just over $300AUD for the whole package (game, mic, drums, guitar) It's worth every penny and probably cheaper than what it will retail for over here. Now just need some US PSN points so I can get some new songs!!

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