Rock Band Stand Reviewed, Declared Decent

In most households, Rock Band has destroyed any semblance of a classy living room. But this stand by Dude Thing Creations hopes to organise your life and justify your tax bracket with their Rock Band stand (for everything but drums). Running $60 and constructed of wood, Gizmodo had a hands-on and declared, "It works! propping up your guitars against this thing is much classier than leaning them against walls, cabinets, chairs, dogs or ottomans. There's even two sets of hooks on either side so you can wrap your cables around them for even more neatness."

Anticipating the comments, I'm going to point out that, yes, you could make such a contraption at home for less money. But given what we've already spent on Rock Band, what's another fitty?

Lightning Review: Rock Band Stand Keeps Your Guitars, Controllers and Mics in Check


    I could make this at home for less money

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