Rock Band Stompbox Mod Allows Unfettered Hip Thrusts

Not that this has ever happened to us, but sometimes, we've heard, if you're like jumping around and stuff, while playing Rock Band/Guitar Hero—once again, not that we'd know—it's theoretically possible for your Overdrive/Star Power to be accidentally activated. What can a gamer do in such a situation? One industrious modder cracked the controller's case, removed the Overdrive activation mechanisms completely and then wired a guitar effects pedal to the circuit board. Now, he's able to get really crazy while playing Rock Band—if he's into that sort of thing—not that we'd know.

Sure, some might call it overkill. But we're calling it just enough kill. Hit the link for the full tutorial. Images seem to have been pulled (probably for bandwidth purposes).

Rock Band Stompbox
[Bashhh via Engadget]


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