Rockstar Confirms GTA IV Region Locked?

gta_region.jpgThe Australian GTA IV not the full deal? Neither is the NZ version? Why not just import it then?

Looks like Rockstar thought of that. According to an email many readers have received from Rockstar in the States, the game is "region locked for [its]specific territories". Which consoles this includes and whether it applies to the multiplayer we're not sure.

The email goes on to reinforce Rockstar Oz's earlier statement regarding the changes to our version of the game being minor. Kotaku AU's attempts to get an answer from Rockstar Oz regarding the region locking have been met with failure, but this looks official to me.

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    Oh man, I hope this is not true, I have already orderd a copy from Play-Asia.

    So what the hell do we do? I already have my 'no region locked' version ordered from Play-Asia. They're going to be getting an awful lot of returns if this claim isn't correct.

    So should l can my PS3 order @ gamestop??

    I'm sceptical. Certainly with regards to the PS3 version. I can't imagine a Rockstar New York employee beginning an email with 'Hey mate...' and ending with 'Cheers,...' either, but maybe that's just me.

    ps3 is region free. Xbox may have some trouble though.

    few questions do arise though.

    I had the US version of COD4 in australia and at times i couldnt play anyone without a NTSC version.

    So is it locked for overall play or just online play? massive difference.

    Considering the PS3 console is unlocked and Sony has stressed it will remain so, does this mean they have relented and let Rockstar regionalise the PS3 build?

    You can still import the European version and be able to play it. This just means multiplayer will be very laggy.

    Having a J region 360 for the last two years has seemed like a total bum out. But looks like it could be the place to be for a little bit of the ole' ultra violence. Cheers play-asia!

    Scare tactics. Who'd want to pay more for a version with less? No-one, and they know it. Maybe, and I stress maybe, I could believe this of the 360 version, but that's just because of my low opinion of microsoft's business practices (and the closed nature of the 360 in general). We'll know soon enough.

    Is the AUS/NZ version really that gimped? What have they removed exactly?

    Maybe cancelling my import was a wise decision...

    Xbox 360 game executables can be signed for use with 4 regions: "Japan", "USA", "Europe", and "Australia".

    I can confirm with 100% certainty that the European version is signed for use in Australia.

    @J-Fro: if they would just stop being dishonest and tell us that, then it would probably be a non-issue. But they won't.

    If this is region locked then they've lost a sale.

    Might just mean that it's locked to your region online, like some other games are. Don't know if that means that if you get an EU game in AU that you can only play EU gamers online or if you can't play online at all, though.

    This better be BS nbecause I already ordered a UK copy!

    can anyone tell me if this is for the PS3 version or the 360 version ?

    or are both versions locked ?

    PS3 Version is region free to an extent.
    PSN isn't though, so you'll have to play with US servers if you have a US copy (from my guess of the email)
    But PS3 version is 100% region free.
    I play Australian games on my US PS3 (import) so it's all good guys, don't stress.
    Pings might be a bit high though, but oh well!

    J-Fro -

    Not gimped, they apparently removed a scene that they thought might earn an R (that is, refused classification) from the OFLC. The real problem, at least for me, is the price, like $50 or $60 more for a local version, vs. $70-80 for an import version.

    just got an email from play-asia assuring me that the ps3 version will work on any console.

    Thank you for contacting

    No worry, the PS3 system is region free in the sense that any console will
    run a PS3 game purchased anywhere in the world. However, please be informed
    that your TV/monitor must support NTSC video format for NTSC PS3 games.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Best regards,


    PS3 is region free for DVD's, so they cant do anything about that. But they might be able to add security on a Blu Ray disc so it only plays on a specific Zone (Blu Ray uses Zone's not regions.

    That seriously sucks. Although I don't really care that I will have a version without the offending cutscene, its exploitative for rockstar to think that they can get away with selling a game with LESS content, for MORE than its american counterparts. EA can have them, its not as if they like money!
    *looks at bad company beta, every other game EA has published*

    But seriously, Im not buying the game at all, until it gets to $80, Its not like R* need my cash too bad.

    looks like i want be buying this game anymore if its true.

    I hope the people that made this travesty possible die of massive heart failure.

    Seriously this is a bad joke.

    I call shenanigans.

    It's the same drivel that's been reported on by at the start of May, which they've now labelled a rumor (complete with apology)

    Add that to the "Hey mate" and "cheers" content, not to mention that pasting of the previous Rockstar statement and the whole thing reads like a Snopes article.

    Next up? GTA IV Special Editions are packed with syringes that give you AIDS and delete your Gamerscore.

    My Game UK order stands.

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