Rockstar Support: No GTA Freeze Fix in Sight

Earlier today we broke the news that some Grand Theft Auto IV gamers were having problems with the game on both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

For them, the game was freezing up during the introductory cut-scene, something that neither I nor Mike experienced during our time with the game on both systems. To be clear, we have no idea how widespread the problem is, but it's certainly on Rockstar's radar and making the rounds both in our tips line and on forums.

Rockstar declined to comment on the issue officially, so I went to the phone and called up Rockstar Support to see what they had to say about the problem.

A very friendly, and obviously unhappy, fellow answered the phone who, after thanking me for not yelling at him and apologising profusely for the problem, spilled quite a bit of beans on the issue:

The man told me that the problem is apparently only effecting the 60 GB version of the Playstation 3, but that it didn't matter than my particular console was a launch console (Yes, I told a little white lie and said my copy was locking up.) He said the problem is not across the board for the 60GB PS3s but rather only impacts some, so their tech folks are working around the clock to try and figure out what is causing the issue.

He did ask me to make sure that my harddrive wasn't full and that I had the latest firmware update, but confessed that that really isn't what's causing most of the problem. He also said that the Xbox 360 is having the "exact same problem," which has further stumped their tech folks.

I asked him if wiping the harddrive and reinstalling the PS3 version would help, as seen on the PS forums, he said I could try but that he hadn't heard of it helping a single person.

He ended the call by saying that they really have no idea when a fix will be coming because they can't figure out what is exactly causing the problem and then once more apologised.

"I feel terrible about this."

If only more support folks were as empathetic and genuinely concerned about the problems their customers are going through.


    i want to view the comments

    My UK 360 version of GTA IV froze last night - mid game - just running Nico around after completing a mission and it froze the whole unit up.

    this is absolute rubbish. ive had the game for one day, finished the first mission, and now cant even get past the copyright screen without a complete machine lockup. good job rockstar.

    Well, I think tht sux so much, I was up for 12 hours counting down on monday, and its brken already?? i just wish rockstar took thier time on making this game, but i think they will find a solution, in about 20 years!

    Same problem with the AUS xbox 360 version, about 14 missions in, tried to load a saved game and it froze, and came up with screen "please insert this disk into an xbox 360" time after time, so after sh!tting bricks and realising my warranty ran out a week a go i gave it a rest for an hour and pulled the hard drive off and it worked!... untill i put the hard drive back on! SO i deleted the files and rested it some more and now it works (after having to start from scratch) it seems to work this morning so fingers crossed! HELP US ROCKSTAR!

    Yeah I was playing it on Tuesday, after picking it up at midnight. About six hours in it froze, went black and we when I reset it could no longer can 'see' any discs at all.

    So I had to send it back to Sony... only 3-4 weeks til I get it back =(

    Naughty GTA IV, but I still love you.

    (40Gb Australian version, not even 6 months old)

    I have a 60GB PS3 with wi-fi and the flash ram card slots.
    I just bought the GTA-IV Blu-Ray disc yesterday.
    the video freezes and the controller no longer appears to have any affect within five minutes of playing every time.

    I even did a full system restore (reformat the PS3 hard drive and reset all settings to factory default). No joy. GTA-IV still crashes within 5 minutes of starting the game, every single time.

    I can still play lots of other PS3 HD games (like Oblivion, and TigerWoods PGA. They work fine with no problems. So it is only GTA-IV that is having this issue.


    I tried to re instal GTA 4. Dint work.

    I think I'm scared to play my GTA IV now - I have a PS3 (60GB), I'm on my 2nd PS3 now due a problem I had about 6 months ago. It took about and month to get my PS3 back after I sent it out. I really hope that Rockstar is gong to do something about this. I don't think it's a Sony problem, all my other games work fine. - For Now -
    My GTA IV froze on loading a mission named BLOW YOUR COVER, I had to restart the system and it happened again. Well after doing some research about this, for some reason if you disconnect or turn off your wireless connection and restart the game it works. (Well for me) - I think during the loading process in the game, it checks for a internet connection or something along that line , and freezes the game.

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