Rumour: Rock Band Dated For Europe (So Sorry, PlayStation Fans!)

Back in February, we heard from a reliable source that the release of Rock Band in Europe was going to finally happen in May, but only for the Xbox 360 crowd. Those in the PlayStation 3 camp were going to have to settle for September. We contacted EA for confirmation, but they opted to neither confirm or deny the information. Today, we've heard from two other sources, neither of which are total confirmation, that that may have been accurate.

First, Kotaku reader Brooza was notified by Amazon UK that his pre-order, dating back to June 2007, finally had a ship date of May 15 to May 22. We have yet to hear from anyone who had pre-ordered the PS3 SKU.

Second, a poster on the NeoGAF forums, citing a retailer memo, also pegs Rock Band's European tour will start on May 22, retailing for 169.99 Euro (about $US 260 in current US dollars). That memo is said to also list the PS3 and PS2 editions for the fall. We're following up again with EA's European folks and will update when we hear back.


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