Sega Details Iron Man Upgrades

Comic book character video games, even those based on comic book movies, love utilising power upgrades as motivation to perform well, and nowhere is this nearly as appropriate as in Sega's upcoming Iron Man game. In a diary posted over at IGN today, Game Director Jeffrey Tseng explains how the upgrade system works in the game. Completing missions gives you cash, which I suppose is odd for a billionaire playboy, but we'll run with that. The better you perform, the better upgrades you can buy for your armour. Before each mission you can swap out various parts, much like your standard mech combat game...and I suppose that's what Iron Man is - a tiny mech. You can swap out repulsors, core systems, power cores, thrusters, and auxiliary weapons, allowing you to create a suit of armour well-suited to your armour needs. With multiple levels of upgrades available in each category, the Iron Man fanboy in me has actually caught on fire in anticipation of the game. I may even - given the opportunity - girlishly squeal.

Iron Man: The Suit Makes the Man [IGN]


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