Self-diagnosing Fanboyism

Destructoid has a handy list, on the heels of TechRadar's "Signs you are no longer a hardcore gamer." Now, Kotaku is an open environment where fanboys are very evidently welcome. But fanboyism is, like terrible driving and owning yap dogs. In case of the former, no one admits to it. The latter, well, you're just a better owner of a more well behaved yap dog. Or some other bullshit.

Among the 10 signs:
• Any criticism of your chosen love is a result of bias
• Call everyone else a "fanboy" before they call you one
• Justify even the stupidest decisions/games

Well, I think we can all safely agree that none of these apply to any of us! And btw, I am toats not in the bag for Xbox 360, Rockstar sandboxers or any western-themed game.

Ten Golden Rules of Video Game Fanboyism [Destructoid]


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