Shane Kim Can't Quit HD DVD

The dust has settled. Long ago. HD DVD is way dead, way dead. But Micrsoft Game Studios boss Shane Kim hasn't given up! The man is an optimist. He can see the bright side of a train wreck. Bless him. According to Shane Kim:

While it is unfortunate that HD DVD was discontinued, there is still enjoyment to be had from your Xbox 360 HD DVD Player. You can take this as an opportunity to build out your movie collection! There are around 500 HD DVD movies to choose from and many at great deals, so there is a fair amount of content for HD DVD on the market. It also is a terrific DVD player and it allows you to have game discs and movie discs, whether HD DVD or DVD, within the console at one time. The HD DVD player also adds two additional USB ports to your console.

Before we start chants of "let it go man", Kim does have a point. Okay, now: Let it go man, let it go...
10 Questions with Shane Kim [Game Daily via videogaming247][Pic]


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