Sheng Long: We Won't Get Fooled Again

Clearly, this April Fool's Day thing has gone too far. Joke's over, people. We simply can't revisit our painful teenage years, when so many of us were legitimately fooled by EGM's legendary Sheng Long gag while loitering near the Waldenbooks magazine rack.

Street Fighter IV producer Natsumi Shiozawa adds insult to mental injury with today's update to the official blog on the game, "revealing" that Sheng Long will finally be playable, but only after a game-long streak of perfect wins. Surely Capcom wouldn't cruelly toy with our emotions again... would they? I'm off to contemplate this and violently sob.

New Street Fighter IV Unlockables! [Capcom Blog]


    Sheng Long is to gamers what bigfoot is to rednecks.

    An imaginary creature that they seek to prove the world still has a little magic in it, and to beat up or shoot.

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