Sierra Online's XBLA Offerings

Sierra had a few XBLA titles to show off as well at their Gamer's Day, so I have compiled them together into this one article for easy digestion.

Zombie Wranglers:
In Zombie Wranglers, you play one of four different neighbourhood kids out on a mission to rid your neighbourhood of zombies. This is done Luigi style by running about and sucking up the undead bastards with a vacuum cleaner type apparatus. Each of the four characters of course have different abilities that will help in the process. One such power was a blow gun that will turn any zombie it hits into a walking time bomb. Blow a dart, stand back and watch the fun.

There are five different chapters in the game with various tongue in cheek titles like "Desperate Housezombies" and each chapter is proceeded by a phone call that will give you your assignment for that level. The assignments range form taking out a certain number of zombies to taking out specific types of zombies like Emos, Comic Book collectors and Construction Workers. Chapters can be attempted alone or you can play with up to four other people online or locally and a vs mode will also be available.

The cel shaded style is cute and will probably appeal mostly to the kid market although certain adults will be sure to enjoy it as well.. Look for these cartoony zombies to infest your Xbox 360 sometime later this summer.

Gin Rummy: If you have ever played Gin Runny, then you already know what this game is all about. The rules are fairly straight forward and follow those of the traditional game. It had an interesting graphical art style that while nice, doesn't distract from the real focus of the game, which is playing cards. There are six different game types as well as special card sets, game skins and the ability to create your own rule set. Leaderboards will be available for this game as well as Vision support. Gin Rummy hits later this summer.

Lost Cities: Lost Cities is based on the German table top card game of the same name in the tradition of Carcassone and Settlers of Cattan. Basically, you are an explorer out to roam the world and find treasure. The various cards are used to do things like get funding, find treasure, etc. Two players compete to see who can finish their expeditions with the most total points at the end. You must be careful how you spend your money though, or you may find yourself with no fun ding and unable to complete your chosen missions. You can play one against one or on teams and leaderboards and Vision Support will be available. Lost Cities is available now for


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