Sign Up For The Quake Live Beta

Back in February, Id Software and IGA announced Quake Live, a browser-based 'freemium' multiplayer version of the classic shooter. Now that they've wet our whistles with a couple of teaser screenshots, their ready to get our hands dirty. is now accepting email addresses for the upcoming beta test of the game. Remember folks, beta testing isn't all fun and games.

Beta testers are given early access to the QUAKE LIVE website and game, and will help us test all of the game's features and functionality while offering feedback and suggestions.

Exactly. So if you get accepted into the beta, remember to keep a pad and paper next to you at all times so you can write down your helpful comments for the developers. You're just going to have fun shooting people, aren't you? Me too.

Quake Live Beta Signups [Id Via Videogaming24/7]


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