Signs You're Too Old for Hardcore Gaming

There are signs you're getting old: Baldness, yelling at people who play music too loud, that cummerbund of gut that's been piling up like credit card debt since your freshman 15. And then there are signs you are really old, which means you can't hack it as a serious gamer anymore. TechRadar has a list of 11, and, like, eight apply to me. Harsh.

Most hurtful was "You've pre-ordered GTA IV but don't mind if it doesn't turn up on launch day." Oh come on. I have a life, I have a job, I probably won't even have everything moved in by Tuesday ... why does that make me such a backslider?

So here's the list, and I'm curious what's the youngest applicable age for any of them? "You fondly remember a golden age of gaming ..." That qualifies Dreamcast fanboys, much less guys like me who loved ... oh never mind.

11 Signs You're No Longer a Hardcore Gamer [TechRadar]


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