Silent Hill: Homecoming Delivers Death Stomp To Harker

When we learned that The Collective—now Double Helix—had been tasked with Silent Hill V development at E3 last year, we wondered "What about Harker, that original vampire kicking game they're working on?" Since we've heard just shy of nothing on Harker for nearly a year and Silent Hill V was just recently rechristened Silent Hill: Homecoming, a report from GameSpot that the team has essentially killed the game doesn't surprise.

"Killed" is more politically correctly described as being put on "permanent hiatus", but it's rare for these projects to be resurrected. As long as they don't muck up the next Silent Hill, we'll forgive this cancellation of a game that we weren't particularly interested in anyway.

Foundation 9 buries Harker [GameSpot]


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