Smash Bros. Dojo: Stop Sending Us Panties

Masahiro Sakurai is not amused! Apparently someone has been fostering an unnatural fascination with getting a peek at Princess Peach and Zelda's panties, sending them in to the Dojo on a regular enough basis that Sakurai needed a disclaimer at the bottom of the picture page.

Please understand that snapshots depicting inappropriate content or containing inappropriate comments will not be eligible for selection.

To this point, I've received a great number of screenshots that focus on peeking at the undergarments of certain Brawl combatants. So let me just say it again—shots like these will never be posted to the Dojo or sent out to users via the Smash Service.

I am ashamed of you all. Completely and utterly disappointed. You don't send upskirt shots to Masahiro Sakurai! He has access to the 3D models and can see their panties anytime he wants. You send them to Kotaku, c/o Brian Ashcraft. Get with the program, people!

Screenshot Collection #2 [Smash Bros. Dojo!! - Thanks Stephen!] ]


    And to think DOA made it nearly impossible not to see panties...

    Oh gawd, that's pervertedness at it's worst.

    I mean, taking a look at Peach's knickers/panties is ok, but sending them in to the Dojo? Oh gawd.

    Oh well, I hope the pervert got banned from SSBB online.

      Eh, who really cares?

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