Solid Snake To Make Inevitable UT3 Appearance, Unofficially

The current list of video game all-stars making unauthorised appearances in Unreal Tournament 3 thus far includes Master Chief from Halo, Samus Aran from Metroid and now Snake from Metal Gear Solid. Specifically, we're talking about Old Snake from MGS 4, the latest top biller to get a fan made UT3 mod.

We may be jumping the gun a bit here, as the modder currently slaving away on Old Snake is still, well, slaving away. But the attempt by modder "genZ" is already looking solid. Pun unfortunately intended. Who out there with some Zbrush or 3D Studio Max skills is willing to whip up a very threatening Mega Man?

MGS4 Old Snake [UT3 Forums - thanks, Esq!]


    omg this is amazing! Thanks to the power of the ps3 we can finally have custom models in first person shooters.

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