Sony: By 2018, 90% Of Games Will Be Downloaded

Sony Computer Entertainment UK's Ray Maguire, amidst a discussion on the Byron Report (chastising it for not keeping up with a growing internet-based industry), made a prediction about the future of games:

...ten years from now the ratio of games sales will have gone from 90 per cent in-store to 90 per cent online.

And while that certainly doesn't sound wrong, I think that I speak for everyone here by saying, we know that we'll be downloading games in ten years. We're wondering more about the next five.
Sony:  Web sales will rule by 2018 [MCVUK]


    I for one will still be in the 10%. DLC can't be resold or traded like a hard copy disc. The "thing" you're purchasing becomes a consumable good. :|

    What's happening (StarDock, Steam, etc.) is that publishers are taking a hybrid approach and selling boxed copies of games that require registration in order to play. That's the same trap. Something else consumed that can't be resold. The publisher wins, sure, but the consumer loses. :(

    speaking from australia here, i doubt the percentage of online purchased games will go much higher than it is now if the publishers don't bring their prices to where they should be... Call Of Duty 4 for example, should not be the same price for a digital download as it is for a retail boxed copy from an EB or BigW store (BigW is similar to your walmart i think)

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