Sony Looking Into Global PlayStation Blogs?

Whaddya know, PAL PS3 owners aren't happy. The source of today's displeasure? Blogs. For too long have they seen how great a source of info the PlayStation.Blog is, only to then gaze upon their own pathetic, ad agency-run equivalent (Three Speech) and weep. Oh, how they've wept. Maybe it was the river of tears, maybe it was the collective sobbing, but Sony have actually taken notice, with SCEA's Jeff Rubenstein commenting (where else) on the PlayStation.Blog:

We know that there are a lot of readers coming here from beyond North America (notably the UK, Oz, Germany, and more). We're in the process of working out how to make sure your needs are addressed. We hear what you're saying.

Thanks, Jeff. So long as you know our "needs" are for a straight-up SCEE conversion of the PlayStation.Blog, that is.
PlayStation.Blog now on Facebook [PlayStation.Blog, via VG247]


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