Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows To Contain Never Before-Seen Villains

When you think spider's webs, you think delicate filaments shimmering in dusty air. Spider-Man's webs, though, are more like woven iron fortresses — just like the one we slammed up against trying to squeeze Activision for more details on the just-announced Spider-Man: Web of Shadows.

Little new information was revealed beyond what's already been published, but executive producer Graham Fuchs did elaborate a bit on what we've heard about the role of choice in the game, whereby the player's actions determine whether certain comic superheroes become friends or foes. Which heroes and villains? Will Venom be in it? No comment, but since Fuchs promised "fan favourites that have never been seen in a video game before," comic book aficionados may be able to make some educated guesses based on process of elimination.

Expect open-world, sandbox-style gameplay; at the same time, there will also be a story to progress through, with choices, opportunities and consequences dependent on the means by which the player solves his objectives. One key factor Fuchs emphasised regarding Web of Shadows is that while the publisher's more recent Spider Man games were based on the films, this title plans to cleave closely to the vision as set in the comic books, with more elements drawn directly from the source material.

With the game headed for a launch on every platform — PS2, Wii, DS, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC — you might have visions of motion-controlled web-slinging on the platforms that support it. Fuchs would not confirm or deny, but stated the player will have "more control over Spider Man than ever before."

He added that the gameplay mechanics will emphasise the verticality of the New York City setting, and like the combat system, the city has been rebuilt from the ground up, rather than using any of the structure of previous Spider Man titles.

An official website is now up, where those who sign up can cast their votes on the way Web of Shadows media is revealed, like voting on where the next trailer will take place. The Activision booth at Comic Con also had a sound booth where fans lined up to record their best screams, and the community will also pick a winning screamer to have his or her voice featured in the game.


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