Spielberg And Michael Bay Are Plotting Against Me

Uwe Boll sure as shit knows how to promote a movie. (Bummer he doesn't know how to make a movie.) With Postal coming out May 23, he's already got a 200,000 signature strong internet petition to get him to stop direction. Think Boll will stop directing? Never! About that petition, Boll says:

I tracked down who's signing that petition, and these are like a few people, getting under different identities and things in the internet and signing it over and over again. The second thing is that I was able to find that actually Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg under various different identities posting ongoing that I should stop making movies, and I know why: They are afraid of the competition. What jealous internet nerds and wannabe filmmakers are signing that petition?

Accusing Spielberg and Michael Bay of using "various identities" to take down Boll? Hilarious! Uwe goes on to show a short film apparently made by some junior high school kids that signed the petition. He then begins to berate it, but offers up this heartwarming advice: "So go out there and have your own life and make your own movies and, and then, I'm always happy to say something positive about you, your movie." So there!
His Feet Is Attached To Ze Sink [MovieSet]


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