Spore Creature Creator Gets Scaled, Webbed, Dated

Maxis has finally come forward with a few more details about Spore Creature Creator. Coming out this June, Creature Creator will be available for download as well as bundled with the collection SimCity Box. These will be free trials with about 25% of the creator's full anatomy. A full version of the creator will be available as well (our money is by registering the trial version).

The software itself will allow you to create unlimited models, share these models and export wallpapers and videos of said models. Creature animations can also be tested in a dull, lifeless environment. It's a neat idea from Maxis, but just give the full version away free with pre-orders or something. The more I hear about this tiny piece of Spore, the more I see it getting set up to disappoint people who pay for it.

More Spore Creature Creator Details [IGN via Joystiq]


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